How to Nail the Best Profile Picture – Expert Advice

When it comes to online dating, a picture really is worth a thousand words. This is because most people will make a snap decision based on your profile picture alone. So, if your main photos aren’t that appealing, you may not end up getting as many dates as you would like.

The good news is that you don’t have to rely on guesswork when figuring out how to take pictures or which ones to upload. Since online dating has been around for a while, some experts have actually concluded what works and what doesn’t.

So, on this note, here is how you can take profile pictures that will get you your perfect match.

Quality Matters

You shouldn’t ever post photos that are blurry or look as though they have been taken with a low-quality camera. So, if your phone doesn’t have a good enough camera, borrow a better device. Or, if you are really willing to make an effort and stand out, have a professional take your photograph.

At the same time, make sure that you are putting your best face forward in each of the images. You don’t need to post all that many. However, those on your profile should highlight all your best features. This is what will be sure to get you your date.

Start with Close-up Shots

Even people on dating sites check out websites on their phones. This means that your potential matches are working off of a much smaller screen. So, if your picture looks like it has been taken from far away, your face won’t be clearly seen. Thus, people may move on rather quickly.

To avoid this scenario, post a close-up image where your face is instantly visible. Save the full-body ones for a little later on. This will give your potential matches the incentive to keep scrolling through your gallery.

Show Off Your Face

Don’t use pictures where you are wearing shades or hats – this is advice that should be heeded by both men and women. If you do this, you will naturally cover up your face. In turn, this can seem like you have something to hide – like you are shielding your face on purpose. So, ditch these accessories and allow people to see your face just the way that it is.

Have a Variety of Photos

It is important to remember that you are trying to tell people about yourself through your photos. So, if you have the same background with the same pose, your matches aren’t going to be able to glean a great deal of information. This is why you should have a whole variety of photos.

Make sure that you take photos in a variety of settings – both indoors and outdoors. This way, you can show people what your favorite hobbies are or what activities you prefer. Not to mention, you get to try out a lot of different fashion looks at the same time.

Go Solo

Yes, you want your matches to see that you have a vibrant social life. However, whenever possible post pictures of yourself – not group photos. At the very least, follow this rule for the first couple of pictures. Group pictures tend to confuse people as they don’t know where you are in the image. In turn, your potential match will probably get pretty frustrated and skip over you.

Think About Your Ideal Match

When taking pictures, figure out what kind of match you would like. Then, make sure to recreate a photo that will lure in your ideal partner. For instance, do you want an adventurous match? Then post images of you doing something daring.

If you are hoping to snag yourself a serious, long-term partner, your photos should be fun and sultry but also a little demure. Would you prefer someone who is up for a casual relationship? Then post sexier images that send them the right idea.

Post Honest Photos

Now, it can be tempting to post your favorite photo of yourself. However, if the image was taken a couple of years ago when you were younger, it is best to avoid using them. The same goes for any photos where you weigh less or look quite a bit different. It is important for your photos to mirror what you look like right now.

Keep in mind, eventually, your match is going to find out what you look like. So, if your pictures are drastically different from the real you, your date may feel like you were dishonest. In turn, this reduces the chance of you getting a second date.

So there you have it – expert advice on how to put your best foot forward with your profile picture. The only thing that is left for you to do is to use these tips to snap that perfect image and you are good to go!

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