Flirtila Review

Flirtila Review

The site is simple, effective, easy to use.
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Flirtila is an online dating site with thousands of members in Europe, South America and even in Russia. If you are looking for online chat, sharing pictures, meeting girls for one night stands a juicy affair or serious relationships, this is definitely a platform to consider. Registering on the site is easy and free. The age limit is 18+ but the site does not have any adult content.


Pay Per use model which is the best

Free coins on signup

The site has plenty of female members

Totally Free to try out

No spammers and scammers


Coins are necessary on the site to send messages and images to other members but favourite and Flirt notifications are free. is an online dating site with an 18+ age limit. The site does not have any adult content, but the chats can get heated since girls often enjoy talking about their fantasies before meeting and testing their fantasies in real life.

Signing up and registering a profile on the site is free, and you also get access to all functions on the site for free to test the site before deciding to continue talking with the potential partner you have found.

There is no subscription model but coins are used for sending messages and pictures, which makes the site work as a “pay for use” system. This makes the members more serious, since you don’t see any spam or scamming on the site. Customer support does a good job keeping these problems at bay, but the “pay for use” model also restricts this behaviour.

This makes Flirtila give the impression of having only serious members who know what they are looking for, and they feel safe talking with potential partners who are looking for the same as they are. is our second most recommended dating site so far. Try it for free and see for yourself!

Signing Up at

Registering a profile on Flirtila is easy and requires no other personal info than your age and email address. Choose a profile name, password and the location you wish to be registered at. You will get suggestions from the site about matches near that location.

Once you have filled in this information, you get immediate access to the site and can browse through members on the site and read their profile description, look at their images and send flirts, messages and more.


When you have created a profile, you get access to all functions on the site. Since the site works on a “pay for use” model with coins, you need coins for some actions like sending messages and pictures to other members.

You will get free coins when you register a new profile and you get more free coins by verifying your email, uploading images and adding information to your profile, logging in every day, and much more.

So, you don’t actually have to pay anything to be a full member on Flirtila, and you can try every function on the site for free before you decide to invest some time and money to keep in touch with the potential partners you have found on the site.

This is a very good solution for new users compared to other dating sites with subscription models, where you have to pay before knowing how well the site actually works.

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When you search for potential partners on Flirtila, you can use their nicely designed filter to narrow your search by location, age, interests and even profile name, if you are looking for a specific profile. This filter is great for those who know what their specific preferences are and also for travellers who look for hookups in other locations than their profile is registered.

Keep in mind that the site language will be set to the country where you register your profile. If you search for members in other countries, the language on your Flirtila site will stay the same.

Browsing through the female profiles on Flirtila is fun. You will find lots of active girls who share their images, but you also have the option to set each of your images to private, which will make them blurred until the image owner decides to share the image with you.

You can mark profiles as “Favourite” so you can easily find them later, and the profile you mark will get a notification about it. You can also send “Flirts” for free, to get more attention. But since this is free, a lot of members probably use this function, so sending a message is the most effective. We did not experience many instances where we did not get a serious reply to our messages to girls on this site.

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How much does Flirtila cost?

After trying the site and all functions for free, you will probably decide to continue on the site if you find a girl that you are interested in. If you wish to talk more than what the free coins give you, you can choose to buy packages with coins to use on the site.

These packages with coins have different values per coin, so take a good look at the alternatives before deciding how much time you will be spending on the site. The good thing about this system is that you don’t have to commit to anything. You can buy a small package to test it more, or a big package that will last much longer.

Flirtila has no function for automated refills or payments, so you have to manually buy the next package if you wish. This seems like a very fair and honest way to do things, compared to many other sites where you have to sign up for recurring payments and have to manually stop them if you don’t want to pay more. Or they lure you into buying long time subscriptions (6 months to 1 year), before you have tested the site at all.

Safety and Security

According to customer support, Flirtila guarantee the security for all information you put in your profile, like your email address and other information that is not visible to other members on the site.

But remember that the site is not responsible for what you tell other members on the site by chat. Their advice is to keep your personal address, phone numbers and such, to yourself. This will keep you totally anonymous to other members until you decide to meet up somewhere.

Flirtila’s security against spammers and scammers is also very good. We did not see any spamming on the site, which is a big advantage for members on a site with “pay for use”, and scammers will most likely stick to sites where they can send as many messages as they like for free, or per month.

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Flirtila is our second most recommended site so far, only second to

The only reason for the lower score is that there is no adult content on Flirtila. Some may say that this makes the site more serious and we don’t really disagree, but we chose to put some value on having some adult content to browse through between messages. Also, it is nice to see all of the girls you are talking with if they want to share.

Since Flirtila is totally free to try, we recommend testing it out to all users. But especially to men looking for girls. We had very good response rates from females on this site and even managed to get one date.

Good luck and have fun!

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Summary is a very nice looking online dating site. It works very well on all devices and has more than enough active members for new users to feel welcome and get in touch with potential future partners.

For male users this platform is especially good, compared to most other dating sites. Since the platform is based on a “pay for use” with coins, model. The female members we were in contact with, gave an impression of being serious about what they were looking for on the site, and it was relatively easy to find girls in the locations we chose with the same interests we have.

It is totally free to register a profile on the site and it was very easy. You only need a profile name, an email address, your age, password and location, to get full access to all functions on the site. There is no requirement to sign up for anything or give your payment details.

When you have registered, you get free coins to spend as you wish on the site and you get more free coins by verifying your email, uploading images, and much more. These free coins are enough for you to be able to test everything on the site and even communicate a bit with girls on the site.

This gives you the opportunity to test all aspects of the site before deciding if you want to invest your time and money here. This seems like a very honest and fair way to introduce the site to new members, compared to other sites where you have to buy subscriptions to get access, before knowing what the site is really like.

All in all is our second most recommended dating site so far, especially since it is free to test out and there are lots of active members.

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Signing up and registering a profile on the site is free.
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